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Selling to Russians News: Russian Buyers Are More Active in International Real Estate Markets, 2017
June 01, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Russian Buyers Are More Active in International Real Estate Markets in 2017 than Last Year

As the most popular Russian real estate portal Prian that features properties from all countries, reports: during the first quarter of 2017 the overall Russian appetite for international properties has been growing in comparison with the same period of 2016. The daily traffic on the portal is up to 20 000 visitors.

The number of visits per person is 27% more than last year. It means that potential Russian buyers return several times to find a particular property that they are interested in. The time they spend on the portal to research properties has grown by 12%.

The demand from various Russian-speaking countries is as follows: the number of visits from Russia is 42% up, from Ukraine 40% up, from Belorussia 36% up, but from Kazakhstan it is down 24%.

The most active on the portal are people from big cities: the number of visits from Moscow is 38% up, from St. Petersburg 41% up, from Kiev 51% up and from Minsk 26% up.

The top 20 popular countries where the Russian-speaking buyers were searching for properties in the first quarter of 2017:

1. Spain

2. Bulgaria

3. Italy

4. Germany

5. Greece

6. Montenegro

7. Czech Republic

8. Finland

9. Cyprus

10. France

11. Turkey

12. Thailand

13. USA

14. Slovenia

15. Latvia

16. Portugal

17. Great Britain

18. Dominican Republic

19. Switzerland

20. Croatia

Spanish properties have been visited more than two million times by the potential Russian buyers during the first quarter of 2017. Bulgarian, Italian, German and Greek properties have attracted more than half a million visitors each.

Don't see your country on this list? Email me and we'll find out about it.

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
Selling to Russians

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