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How to Advertise Real Estate for Sale in Russia
September 02, 2021

Hi Everyone,

How to Advertise Real Estate for Sale in Russia

Russia is big and diverse.

There are many thousands of newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations in Russia, but let's face it - most of them are price-prohibitive for advertising a property for sale (unless you are a big developer or realtor with a huge marketing budget). On the other end of the spectrum are free classifieds, but the problem is that Russians do not look for foreign properties in them.

What's left for you in offline Russian media? Maybe a local newspaper in a Russian region where live people that are close to your country's culture and you know that they actively buy properties in your country?

Thus let's concentrate on the Russian internet advertising of your property for sale which is price-affordable and covers the whole Russian-speaking world.

There are several big Russian real estate portals that feature international properties for sale from all over the world. There are also some more that are dedicated to a particular foreign country's properties for sale.

Of course, all their content that brings them Russian internet visitors (property descriptions, info on the countries and areas and life over there) is in Russian, but nowadays many of them have a section in English for advertisers with pricing, terms and conditions of publishing listings and ads.

Now you have a question in your mind about the price of publishing your listings on such Russian real estate portals. It depends on the number of listings, length of time of exposure, even the ambitions of the portal owners and their current marketing events (sometimes you can get something for free). In general, think starting from a hundred of dollars. An ad on top of the other listings with more exposure would obviously cost more than a regular listing in line with the other similar listings.

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Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
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