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How to Choose Russian Real Estate Portal for Advertising Your Property for Sale
December 02, 2019

Hi Everyone,

How to Choose Russian Real Estate Portal for Advertising Your Property for Sale

While choosing a platform for advertising your property for sale to Russian buyers you would definitely prefer the one where you can get more views of your listing - to be able to sell the property to one of the internet visitors eventually.

On the Russian internet there are five or six rather popular portals where potential Russian buyers search for international properties to invest in. All of them present properties from many countries of the world and have a large number of visitors every day. (There are also other smaller portals specializing in particular areas of the world or particular types of properties.)

Let's look at an actual example: we have a property for sale in Ibiza, Spain and want to list it on one of the prominent Russian portals with international real estate for sale. (The portal is high-traffic and not cheap because of that.)

We search the portal for "Ibiza, Spain" and find 10 properties for sale on the island (there are more than 20 000 properties in all of Spain on the portal). Right now we are not comparing the other properties with our own, but will just try to see how many views the already listed Ibiza properties attract - to understand whether our listing would be "in good hands" with this portal and the property can be sold eventually through this listing.

The portal shows the number of views under each property's listing over the whole time since it had been posted on the portal. Okay, let's start and calculate the average numbers of visitors.

2 properties are commercial (hotels) and their listings are being visited 1 500 to 2 000 times a month. It's a healthy number and gives a hope of selling them in a reasonable period of time (well, if properties do not have any significant faults of their own - we don't go into such details here).

8 properties are villas. 2 of the villas are listed by a real estate company A and only have about 20 views a month each - a misery… 6 villas are listed by a real estate company B and have about 150 to 200 views a month each - much better, but still not enough to sell really soon…

(To explain the difference between the number of views for villas listed by A and B real estate companies, we need to do more research on their realtors' particular promotion efforts, and this is not the topic of our little research now.)

So, in general we can see that just listing of an Ibiza villa among other properties on this portal (never mind its high traffic and price) may be not enough to sell it. (Probably the advertiser has to pay additionally for putting the listing on top of others, for ads on other portal pages, etc. - to increase the visibility of the listing and bring a desired number of visitors. Adding some other advertising venues - like listing on more than one portal - is also an option.)

At the same time we have found out that Ibiza hotels for sale are in high demand as they are looked at much more often on the portal.

Need help with researching the best options for advertising your international properties for sale? Email me please.

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
Selling to Russians

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