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How to Find Russian Realtors
August 03, 2021

Hi Everyone,

How to Find Russian Realtors

Realtors in Russia and Russian-speaking countries of the former Soviet Union are not licensed, and if you want them to send you Russian buyers for your property-for-sale located in any country in the world, you are free to make a non-exclusive agreement with many of them if you wish.

How many real estate companies are in Russia? Dozens of thousands. Smaller or bigger a realty is, but there is a number of real estate agents (sometimes hundreds) in each.

Are Russian real estate companies and/or their real estate agents specialized in particular properties sales? Yes.

How many of Russian real estate companies specialize in international properties? A couple of thousands.

How many Russian realtors (companies and/or agents) specialize in your country? It depends on the country, its real estate market size, demand and supply of the country's properties for the Russian buyers.

So, you have to find those Russian realtors that specialize in your country, and if the number appears significant, to start dealing with the best of them first.

How to decide which Russian realtors are best for you to help with selling your property to a Russian buyer? Not an easy task, especially given the fact that they have their websites in Russian only and advertise international properties in Russian only - obviously being oriented on search for buyers in Russia (that's exactly what you need from them!).

Of course, after you've prepared a list of Russian realtors considered appropriate for you, you have to contact them one-by-one to discuss your property-for-sale and terms-of-sale (real estate commission).

Be ready that not every realtor would immediately agree to work with you - reasons may be plenty: from current personal circumstances of an agent to their professional evaluation of the perspectives of your property to be sold (comparing it with other properties of the same type and price in the current market). Their commission size and terms of receiving it are also extremely important for any realtor.

Your initial offer to as many Russian realtors as possible won't go wasted anyway - usually they try to keep you in their database for a while, hoping that a suitable buyer would appear in their office and then they go ahead with you.

Need help? Email me or search for Olga Kellen's ebooks on the topic of selling real estate internationally on Amazon.

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
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