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How to Attract More International Investors to Your Property for Sale
January 04, 2022

Hi Everyone,

How to Attract More International Investors to Your Property for Sale

The most popular Russian portal real estate portal Prian published a very interesting guide for Russian investors in properties worldwide How to Loose Money: 7 Common Investors' Mistakes. It's based on interviews with realtors in many countries where Russian investors purchase commercial and residential properties (investing goals and budgets vary widely). Real life examples of investors' mistakes explained in detail.

You may ask: Why should you AS a SELLER bother about investing mistakes that Russian buyers are warned not to make??? My advice: Use this teaching buyers' guide to your advantage and be PRO-ACTIVE - answer investors' concerns in your property-for-sale description ahead ot time!!! This will bring you more potential buyers from the start of your marketing campaign.

So, you might think of including the following ADVANTAGES of your property-for-sale in its description (of course, those that actually apply to your property!):

#1. Pricing. (If your property-for-sale is not the cheapest around the area, say that it's in demand by renters more than cheaper properties and the rental income will be higher)

#2. Investing goal. (In sea resort areas properties right near the water cost more, but are better for short-term vacation renting, while properties at some distance from the water are often preferred for long-term year around tenants)

#3. Building laws and rules. (If your property-for-sale requires renovation or changing uses, say that it's not against the rules in your area)

#4. Local professionals. (Say that you will provide contacts of reliable local notaries, lawyers, property managers, builders, decorators, architechts, etc. if any of those needed in your case)

#5. Location. (Praise your location if it really fits the described investing goal)

#6. Investing time for entering and exiting. (Applies mostly to new projects, too broad to comment, each case and country are different)

#7. Considering recent days changes. (Some commercial uses were more popular before the pandemic, but changes might be needed - offer new ideas for your property if it's the case)

Need help with your marketing to Russians? Email me please.

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
Selling to Russians

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