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International real estate marketing
December 01, 2020

Hi Everyone,

How Politics Might Affect Your Real Estate Sales

We all know that real estate markets are different in various countries and areas - even during the pandemic some are more successful than others.

But let's think how policies of other countries may affect your own property sale - sounds strange at the first sight?

As an example: in November 2020, Republic of Cyprus has stopped its citizenship-for-real-estate-investment program. So far Cyprus had been the best favorite country for those Russian buyers who are looking for a second passport (to be able to travel the world without visas and do business internationally easier among other privileges).

If you have a property for sale in one of the countries that have a similar program of providing citizenship for foreign real estate buyers, you chances to sell are higher now - less competition, right?

By the way, if you sell a Cyprus property, don't get desperate anyway as many Russian buyers are still looking for some other advantages of purchasing real estate on your island (weather, beaches, infrastructure, Russian-language-friendly businesses, and so on).

Another reality of the recent coronavirus world-wide real estate scene: some countries are guarding their borders more strictly than others, and based on the restrictions on traveling and doing business in some other countries, you might have more options to sell your property, if your own country is not that harsh with foreign real estate buyers, right?

People are still looking for investing their money in international real estate despite the pandemic. To be more successful and winning over competitors, your real estate marketing should always take the world-wide situation into consideration.

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
Selling to Russians

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