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Selling to Russians News: How to make Russian investors buy your residential property for sale
January 04, 2018

Hi Everyone,

How to make Russian investors buy your residential property for sale

As we have already discussed in the previous two issues of this newsletter, nowadays many Russian investors are looking for rental income abroad (in the foreign currencies, as the Russian ruble is still sitting low). Of course, for commercial properties it's a common thing to show rental possibilities and financial numbers in your marketing materials, but let's talk about residential homes and condos in this regard as well.

Those Russian investors who have some smaller amounts of money at their disposal to spend on purchasing an international property, than needed to purchase an apartment or office building, a hotel or a retail plaza, would look at residential properties that are more affordable to buy, but can be rented out for extracting the desired income in the foreign currency.

Now, you can make their life and search much easier, and thus ensure that they buy just your home or condo for sale instead of somebody else's, with a simple addition to your marketing materials (a listing, website, or ad about your home or condo for sale in the Russian internet): talk about a possibility to rent the property out and how much the new owner might earn.

Of course, this will work in case that renting out is allowed according to your local regulations and association rules if your property for sale belongs to one. Sometimes there is a difference between long- and short-term rentals, or rent is allowed with some limitations, etc. - you have to know the rules.

Another important thing that such an advanced marketing would require from you: know your local market rent for the properties similar to yours. Then you can cite the financial numbers with confidence.

Believe me that just a very small number of international residential properties for sale in the Russian internet have any mentioning of the potential rental income in their listings, and you will be getting much more attention if you do say it properly.

Do not miss talking about this very important selling point for your residential property - a possibility to rent it out and make money with it, and you will attract more Russian buyers, and thus sell faster and often for more!

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
Selling to Russians

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