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Selling to Russians News: How to promote your YouTube property video in Russian
June 02, 2015

Hi Everyone,

How to promote your YouTube property video in Russian

The YouTube search engine is considered to be #2 in the world while owned by Google, the #1 (that's why Google is very friendly to YouTube). Some digital stats report the number of Russian users of YouTube is more than 51 million. (For comparison: the number of users of the most famous Russian search engine Yandex is 95 million and of Russian Google is more than 45 million – as you already know, in the Russian internet Yandex is the first option for searchers and Russian Google is the second).

So, how do you use YouTube to your advantage?

Let's say you have your property video in Russian uploaded on YouTube and now want Russian buyers to see it and contact you for details of your property for sale and eventually close the deal.

First, do the most you can with the YouTube SEO (search engine optimization) tools and choose the right title for your video, description and keywords (of course, all of them must be in Russian for Russian videos). Your 'for sale' property video in Russian will be found by Russian buyers through these search tools.

Second, email a link to your video to everybody you know (they might have Russian-speaking friends) and post it on all social networks you are registered with – again, with the hope that some of your online friends might have Russian connections of some sort. Plus, YouTube favors videos viewed by many people and shows such videos higher in searches – double useful for your promotion!

Third, take care of getting links to your property video in Russian - as many as you can – on relevant forums, blogs, websites on Russian internet – that's how most Russian visitors will come to see your video and buy your property eventually. Also, as we know, the more links from outside relevant sites you have to your own online presentation, the higher search engines will put you in searches, and thus even more visitors will come – so, having links from outside quality sites to your video is twice as useful.

Forth, use paid advertising on Russian internet for your video if you have a budget for it – to get even more visitors.

Of course, all of the above can be applied to a YouTube video in any language – just use the language (and appropriate internet promotion tools accordingly) of the country where you want to find a buyer for your property.

Also, as you see the major promotion ideas for video are mainly the same as for websites. Promotion brings visitors, visitors turn buyers!

P.S. As an example, here is my rather new YouTube PlayList International real estate for sale to Russian buyers:

YouTube playlist - for sale to Russian buyers

and 4 of the videos on California real estate can be found right on the first page of YouTube searches for 'California real estate' (in Russian, of course) - in spite of the fact that they are new and have not been viewed by many people so far, but only because of the correct use of SEO (in Russian, as the videos are meant to be seen by Russian buyers)

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
American Translators Association
Author of the e-book for realtors
Selling to Russians

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