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How to Reach Russian Buyers for Your Real Estate
August 01, 2019

Hi Everyone,

How to Reach Russian Buyers for Your Real Estate

We have proved and established in the previous publications that the best way of reaching Russian buyers for your properties for sale is promoting the properties on the Russian internet.

Now let's look again in more details at steps 3 and 4 of the last month's newsletter "Case Study: 5 Steps to Selling Properties to Russian Buyers". They are about why it is a good idea to look at your competitors on RuNet and choosing between active and passive marketing to the Russians.

We have already selected an imaginary case of selling a condo in Malta in the Russian buying market, so let's proceed with it.

We go to the major Russian search engine Yandex and search for "to buy a condo in Malta" (in Russian, of course). For our demonstration purpose we'll limit ourselves to discuss the first page or results.

There are 10 organic results and some paid ads on the top, bottom and right margin - same as you might see on Google or other search engines. (Internet advertising may be different at any given moment, you know that, so during my search all ads were about rentals in Malta, thus no use for us now.)

Among the 10 top organic results (all websites with Maltese properties for sale to the Russians, of course) we see:

- 5 Russian real estate portals with international properties for sale from all over the world (with Maltese listings)

- 3 Russian real estate agencies selling international properties to the Russian buyers (with Maltese listings)

- 1 immigration consulting company (with a program in Malta)

- 1 blog about Malta (accepting advertising)

Ok, let's look at the real estate for sale promotion options on each website (in general for now).

- For the well-promoted blog about Malta we'll need to find out many more things to form our opinion whether it's good for our property for sale (the costs? traffic? formats - may it'd be nice to have a blog post on our property and area? other ads on the blog - similar or not? etc.).

- For the immigration consulting we'll also need more research to do, but it can be a promising place to be as there is the popular citizenship-for-real-estate-investment program in Malta.

- Real estate agencies will immediately go on our list of possible cooperating partners in Russia (if we decide to pursue this route).

- Real estate portals should be investigated and evaluated further:

a). They might be useful for us to find more real estate agents advertising Maltese properties for sale to continue our list of prospects-partners in commission sales. Some portals have a directory with an easy way of searching for agents with the experience we need (selling Malta in our case), some do not have comfortable ways of searches and thus require more time and effort to find the agents we need.

b). We have to find out more about each real estate portal's advertising policies, costs, their traffic and target audiences, etc., if we are interested in advertising on our own - instead of building partnerships with the Russian realtors or along with it (the final decision would depend on our available marketing budget, of course).

Thus, in this Case Study we have created a general road-map to start your own marketing-to-Russians - just replace "condo in Malta" by "property in your country". Ask me for help if needed.

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
Selling to Russians

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