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Geography of International Properties Popular among Russian Buyers in Q1 of 2024
May 01, 2024

Hi Everyone,

Geography of International Properties Popular among Russian Buyers in Q1 of 2024

RBC, a big Russian business multimedia platform has published a summary of recent interviews with Russian real estate agents selling properties all over the world to Russian buyers. Here are the most important takeaways for you in English:

-Although in Q1 of 2024 about 10% fewer Russians intended to buy properties abroad than a year ago, some worldwide destinations are getting more popular than last year

- In Q1 of 2024 the most popular foreign country for the Russian buyers to purchase properties beyond the borders of Russia is Thailand (17% of all requests, mostly two times more than a year ago)

- In winter Thailand is a popular mass tourists' destination, there are flights from Russia, no sanctions against Russia that's why financial transfers are possible between both countries, remote real estate purchases are well developed, and also investments are rather promising in Thailand

- In Asia the Russian realtors see also Indonesia (Bali) and Vietnam gaining more demand now

- While UAE (the last year's leader by popularity among the Russian buyers) is getting more and more expensive, there are other alternatives in the Middle Eastern region on the rise: Qatar (200% growth of investments from the Russian buyers in comparison with a year ago) and Saudi Arabia (100% growth)

- In Europe the demand for Greece is on on the rise, while there are still other countries of great interest for the Russian buyers - mostly because of their programs of getting EU-residence-for-investments (Cyprus and Hungary in the first place)

In general, we can say that these are just major trends revealed and only some countries of interest for the Russian buyers are mentioned to illustrate the trends, while there are many more countries, and each one has details and nuances important to our topic of the Russian buyers of international real estate.

Want to know about your country's attractiveness to the Russian buyers? Feel free to email me your questions.

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Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
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