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Russian Buyers' Deferred Demand for International Properties during Coronavirus
August 04, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Russian Buyers' Deferred Demand for International Properties during Coronavirus

Prian, the leading Russian real estate portal, published a report on the state of affairs in the international real estate from the point of view of the Russian buyers for the first half-year 2020.

Here are some major points for you in English:

- It was a strange and unusual period for the international real estate industry of course, with a mixed bag of trends - depending on the area, country and type of properties offered for sale and properties bought internationally.

- Obviously, the number of completed property sales has dropped everywhere, but we can't say that real estate prices have done the same.

- While buyers expect to find deals, sellers are highly reluctant to provide ones.

- While traveling is still restricted, it limits the options for many international buyers. About 20% of the Russian buyers would agree to purchase properties without viewing, the rest would wait and create the deferred demand for international properties - the longer wait, the higher demand.

- More than half of the potential Russian buyers of international real estate consider moving to a foreign country or have a second home where they can escape to in case of some next emergency. Now they are sitting on their money and waiting… Be ready for them when the borders open after coronavirus is not a big threat anymore!

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"Anything Russian",
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