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Selling to Russians News: Russian Buyers and Foreign Properties with Citizenship or Residency
October 01, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Russian Buyers Love Properties in the Foreign Countries with Citizenship or Residency Right Attached

There are plenty of reasons why foreigners buy properties in countries other than their own, and the more points of attraction for them you may find for your property for sale the higher are your chances to sell your property for a good price to a foreign investor.

Quite often governments have specific national programs to attract foreign investments, and foreigners may receive residency or citizenship in your country as a result of buying real estate over a definite price or under some other lawful conditions. This is a huge advantage to some foreign buyers - the Russians including - and you might very well benefit from it as a real estate seller or realtor as well.

In the U.S., for example, a foreign buyer of a residential property does not acquire any rights in terms of visas or residency, but buying a commercial property under some specified conditions (EB-5 visa rules) would give the foreign investor and his family a green card (residency and work rights) first and citizenship later.

If your commercial property for sale in the U.S. meets the EB-5 visa program requirements for the foreign investors in commercial properties, you are a winner selling to the foreigners eager to live in the U.S. and improve your property by investing in it (even while you are losing money with your commercial property and local buyers might not be interested to invest in it at all).

In some countries just buying a home over an established price gives this country's passport to the foreigner immediately.

Such government programs are usually a win-win-win deal: You can sell what does not normally sell for a really good price, the foreign investors get the right to live in the country of their dreams, and the properties receive significant upgrades from the investors instead of continuing to dilapidate as this is the case.

Quite possible that your country has a law of some sort to attract foreign capital by providing the foreign investors with residency or citizenship rights.

Measure your property for sale against your country's rule of providing foreigners with the right of residency and citizenship (passport) immediately or in the future if any such options are available.

And many countries of the world do have policies to award foreign investors. A dozen of the European countries have residency rights programs for the foreign buyers of residential properties for higher than some barrier price (varies for each country); many of the Caribbean islands provide citizenship for their foreign investors (the dollar amounts and investment goals vary); we have already said that the U.S. government provides a green card and citizenship in due time later for the foreign investors in commercial properties under specific regulations; this list is not limited to the above-mentioned opportunities.

These incentives might be a huge attraction for some foreign buyers in case your property meets the requirements of the according laws of your country.

You owe it to yourself to know about such laws of your country and definitely include this information in your marketing - very often it would be the major reason for a foreign buyer to make their decision to buy your commercial or residential property.

In the Russian internet one could always find consultants, lawyers and advisors on the topic of acquiring international properties with citizenship and/or residency rights attached, but lately the number of them has grown - according to the demand as we can guess. If you want them to know about your properties for sale, buying which the foreign investors get residency or passports of your country, I can help you get connected.

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
Selling to Russians

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