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What and Where Russians Buy Internationally under Covid
December 01, 2021

Hi Everyone,

What and Where Russians Buy Internationally under Covid

The most influential Russian business newspaper Kommersant published a recent report on the countries preferred by the Russian real estate buyers during the pandemic. It's based on a number of sources.

Here are the takeaways from it for you in English:

- In Europe the Russian buyers are interested mostly in Spain, Montenegro, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus

- 80% purchases of elite international properties by the Russian buyers are connected with getting a second passport or residency permit

- 20% more high-net Russians than it was before the pandemic show interest in commercial and residential properties in the countries with special second-passport or residency-permit programs for international real estate buyers

- For the mass-market properties the number of the Russian buyers is about 50% of the pre-pandemic times, and for particular countries the particular number depends on the rules on their borders - the easier it is to enter a country, the more properties are being sold to the Russian buyers

- In this segment Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus and UAE are in demand

Prian, another important source of information on the Russian buyers of international real estate, published a report on the types of income-producing properties preferred by investors in the pandemic times. It shows the recent trend of moving more and more businesses online and also meeting the medical needs of the world population and looks like the following:

- Data centers

- Logistic support properties

- Labs and research centers

- Infrastructure for new energy

- Warehouses

- Medical buildings

- Rental buildings

- Affordable residential properties

- Telecommunication infrastructure

Need help with marketing your property for sale to the Russian buyers? Feel free to email me.

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