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Moving or Investing - How Russians Buy International Real Estate during the Pandemic
June 01, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Moving or Investing - How Russians Buy International Real Estate during the Pandemic

This is the topic of a report published by one of the largest Russian financial brokerages BCS. Here are the main points for you in English:

- In 2020, according to the stats of the Central Bank of Russia, the Russian buyers of real estate invested most of all in Switzerland - $B4.16, Great Britain -$B1.25 and the USA - $B1.14 (we have to keep in mind that the actual numbers are higher as many purchases are financed from the foreign accounts, not only from the Central Bank of Russia transfers from the accounts in Russia). These countries are popular because of their stability, strong economy and legal systems.

- There are also other countries attractive to the Russian buyers because of the possibility to obtain the right of residency with a real estate purchase (especially during the pandemic it's important for border crossing into the EU). Such laws are in effect in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and were in Cyprus till recently. These countries are popular among those Russian buyers who are planning immigration and want to get some money renting their properties out.

- One more important factor of choosing a country for investing, it's the convenient location and comfort transportation, thus the Russian buyers often decide on the places where they prefer to spend vacations and holidays: Greece, Spain, Italy, Montenegro.

- Many Russian buyers want to spend some time in their foreign property and to rent it out the rest of the year. But many come to a realtor with the request to purchase a rental for just getting a profit from long-term tenants. Usually they decide on Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Mediterranean countries.

- While purchasing rentals the Russian buyers are also interested in growing their capital through the possible growth of the real estate prices in the country and location they are going to choose.

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Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
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