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Selling to Russians News: more about Russian Buyers of international real estate
December 13, 2008

Hi Everyone,

To continue with our attempt to picture Russian Buyers of international real estate, let's see where and for what purpose real Russian people are looking for properties abroad.

The most visited Russian portal for foreign properties Prian has a Questions/Answers section where visitors can email their foreign real estate related questions through a form and the answers are posted online by experts.

I've translated for you in a nutshell the questions asked during the first days of December - just to see how diversified the interests of Russian Buyers of foreign real estate are in terms of countries, buying goals and price ranges.

Here we go:

1. How can one get a residency permit in Germany?

2. Where can I get information on renting a condo in the USA for my visit there?

3. What are legal regulations for getting certified as a real estate agent in OAE?

4. What is a price range for a middle class 2-br in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia?

5. Is that true that you buy a condo in Spain cheap, but the lot is not included and you have to pay much more for the land later?

6. How do I close on a property in Austria?

7. How do I compare expenses for maintaining a condo in Teramo and Abruzzo, Italy?

8. We are buying a condo in Dubai, OAE. How do we get a residence visa for our teenager son?

9. I live in Kazakhstan. My two sons are students in Hamilton, Canada. I'd like to buy a 2-br for them there. What is the price range and can I buy it in my name?

10. What are official regulations for the quality of new buildings in Hurghada, Egypt?

11. What countries provide a residency permit if one buys a property there?

12. Legal question about joint ownership of a house in Georgia, the USA.

13. The price of land in Poland and how to hire a lawyer over there?

14. Legal question about a pre-construction personal situation in OAE.

15. I'm buying a condo in Greece. Will I get a residency permit there?

16. How much taxes does a self-employed person pay in Italy?

17. Can I close on a property that I've found in France for a very good price, on my own or do I need a local specialist for that? Then what kind of and how do I find one?

18. I'd like to buy a condo in the USA. How do I transfer the funds?

19. Legal question about another personal pre-construction situation in OAE again.

20. How do I buy an existing business in Italy?

21. I'd like to buy a home in Poland. Price range?

22. We are buying a condo in Turkey. Where do we get financing - in Turkey or in Russia?

23. How do I open a bank account in France?

24. Legal question about a real estate related situation in Spain.

25. If I buy a property for about EUR 1,000,000 in Italy, will I be able to live there permanently?

26. I own a condo in Hurghada, Egypt, but don't live there. Legal question.

27. Can a citizen of Russia be a legal owner of a condo in Croatia?

28. I'd like to rent a small apartment in Brazil. Price range?

29. I'd like to rent a home in Bulgaria, but can't find this on the Internet.

30. Price range of renting an apartment in Hungary.

31. Can I buy any property for US$50,000 or 60,000 in Canada?

32. Real estate taxes in Germany.

33. Price range for a cottage in a Czech resort.

34. I'm going to buy a property in Netherland. Will it secure me a residency permit there?

So, see the Mosaic?

If your country is not mentioned, it means only that I have to stop somewhere - there are 139 pages full of Russian Buyers' questions / answers about countries all over the world, posted at the moment...

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
American Translators Association,
Author of the e-book for realtors
Selling to Russians

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