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Russian Investors in Real Estate in Hungary: Case Study
February 01, 2024

Hi Everyone,

Russian Investors in Real Estate in Hungary: Case Study

As we have already mentioned, Hungary has lately become one of the top countries-in-demand for Russian investors in international real estate, and there are reasons for that. (Some realtors in Russia report that Hungarian real estate has been #1 in demand among their clients in 2023.)

From ThatBudapestLife (Everything you need to have an awesome life in Budapest and Hungary): Hungary Attracts Russian Home Buyers Seeking Residency Permits

"Hungary has become an attractive option for Russian home buyers who are seeking residency permits. The country offers a five-year residency permit program without the need for permanent residency, making it an appealing destination for investment.

"Hungary has gained popularity among Russian investors due to its relative affordability and the rapid rise of house prices. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to invest in real estate."

We all know that Russian banks are under sanctions, and it creates difficulties for Russian investors in international properties because they can't make simple bank transfers as it was in the past.

As per Hungary, the Russian realtors prompt their Russian clients to pay for purchasing a Hungarian property whether by a bank transfer from any foreign bank if they have an account somewhere in the world or by a direct cash transfer to a lawyer who closes the deal.

Various countries solve the problems in their own way. If you are going to look for a Russian buyer for your property, check your countries options or you might email me, and I'll check for you with the Russian realtors who sell your country' properties over there in Russia to the Russian buyers.

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