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Selling to Russians News: Russians are leading buyers of elite real estate in the world
July 02, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Russians are leading buyers of elite real estate in the world

As Russian business consulting company RBC reports, Sotheby's International Realty has conducted research on buyers of elite properties in the world. Here is the scoop in English:

The top 5 national groups that buy elite real estate in all countries of the world are the following: Russians, Chinese, Brits, French and Americans. They buy expensive properties in investment attractive cities all over the world.

25% of all buyers of elite properties are Russian, 21% - Chinese, 14% - British, 10% - French, 8% - American. 22% of elite real estate buyers belong to all other countries in total.

The research predicts that in the nearest future the major players in the world's most expensive real estate buying will be citizens of Russia, India, Brazil and China.

40% of affluent real estate buyers acquire a second, third and so on home as an investment and 60% buy multiple properties for themselves and their family members.

Analytics of Sotheby's International Realty say that rich people's hobbies influence their buying choices a lot. So, they can demand homes with vineyards, wineries, tennis courts, horse farms, and theaters, etc.

Also the report states that the most important qualities that affluent buyers of deluxe properties seek are the following:

- location within open cosmopolitan society allowing a foreigner to integrate easily

- possibility of good education for their children

- economic and social stability

- personal and property safety

Russians prefer to continue doing business in Russia, but invest in real estate abroad a lot as a security measure for the future of their families and to let their children have good education, the report concludes.

I've checked for 'elite real estate in ...' in the major Russian search engine and what brokers, developers and owners of international deluxe properties offer to Russians in various countries (in Russian of course):

- USA – approximately 470 000 Russian websites offering deluxe properties for sale in this country to Russian buyers in Russian

- Italy – 450 000

- Germany – 370 000

- Spain – 370 000

- France – 340 000

- Great Britain – 320 000

- Austria – 290 000

- Greece – 290 000

- Cyprus – 290 000

- Netherland – 170 000 websites, etc.

So, when there is a demand, there is a supply; and competition for Russian deluxe buyers' attention is fierce... Your property for sale should be visible to be chosen over many others that potential Russian buyers can find in Russian internet... There are offline marketing venues too, for example, publishing an article with impressive photos of your unique property and area in Russian magazines about international real estate, etc.

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
American Translators Association
Author of the e-book for realtors
Selling to Russians

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