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Selling to Russians News: Who will have success in selling to Russians? Part 2
December 04, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Who will have success in selling to Russians? Part 2

As promised let's talk about your property's presentation in Russian internet that should bring you a successful sale converting visitors into buyers.

First as an example let's compare real life descriptions of 2 similar in size, location and price Florida condos in English:

"Available. Ez to show" (1 photo of the front of the building accompanies the listing)


"Beautiful, remodeled, with gorgeous water views. Lots of closet space. Upgraded bathrooms and kitchen, spacious living room and dining room. Greatly managed building. Recently remodeled lobby and brand new elevators. Recreation Center features pool, billiards, sauna, gym. Close to airports and shops. Right across from the beach" (24 photos posted, of each and any corner of the condo, views from the balcony, common areas and the building. A link to a video is also here)

How many international buyers would the first listing attract? Right, zero. Buyers who are looking for a vacation home? Right, the same. Out-of-state relocating buyers? Right, the same. Locals? Maybe one or two persons who have nothing to do at all and made it their hobby to visit homes that they are not going to buy and can't afford anyway... Why should a busy potential buyer spend his time trying to dig out all the details from this real estate secret listing agent while there are plenty of other listings available?

The second listing, yes, would get attention and inquiries and eventually convert leads into buyers.

Exactly the same approach would work in Russian. Even more so as from far away your potential Russian buyers do not necessarily envision the area and surroundings of your property, definitely know nothing about the views, etc.

So, a detailed description with good and many photos of your property (even better with a video as well) would convert visitors into buyers! Otherwise it makes no sense bothering to have visitors (which usually costs you money...)

If you want to really attract Russian buyers it would be very useful to include information about distances from the airport, city center, shopping, restaurants, beaches, mountains or whatever your property's area attractions are. Russians love to see floor and site plans. Also important are rules for entering your country (visas for Russian citizens) and how a foreigner (Russian, not a EU citizen) can buy and keep a property, details of the process of getting the ownership, expenses involved, real estate market in your area and how your property compares to others of the same type, etc.

All of this information usually can't fit into a limited space of advertising on a Russian real estate portal or in an email to a Russian realtor, that's why it’s very useful to have more space online for your property's presentation – like your own page or website brochure with several relevant pages. If you provide all the information that a Russian buyer would need about your property, area and real estate regulations in your country in one place, a visitor would not leave your page or website and would convert into a buyer eventually.

So, the success in selling an international property will come to you when:

(1) you have visitors to your property's presentation (see Part 1 of this article of the previous month)


(2) your presentation converts visitors into buyers

No miracles. Just doing the right things. And having a bit of luck, too.

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
American Translators Association
Author of the e-book for realtors
Selling to Russians

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