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How to Successfully Target International Buyers with your Proper Property Description
July 06, 2021

Hi Everyone,

How to Successfully Target International Buyers with your Proper Property Description

When you decide to sell your property and look at similar properties descriptions in your area and price range (the first step in any marketing - analyze your competitors!), you will find out that they are plenty, mostly boring and not impressive... How to stand out to attract buyers to your listing above others?

First of all imagine your potential buyers in your area and what they would be interested in - after and above the general things as a property type, room/bath number and pricing?

Obviously, a single family home buyer with kids would be interested in good schools around, right? But do you see many descriptions with mentioning this factor (if it applies of course)?

Another example: a vacation condo buyer would be interested in the detail info on beaches, parks, restaurants, coffee shops and the like recreation places around, right? I have no idea why many sellers and their realtors do not include such info in their property description...

We can continue on and on with examples, but the major conclusion is the following: paint a picture of your future buyer in your mind and appeal to his needs preparing your property for sale description.

Just this simple idea will put you above many other sellers who are too boring and too general while trying to describe their property as if it's for everybody and that everybody should search for any particular for him info on his own.

All the above said applies to a local real estate buying market, of course, as to international real estate buyers as well. But there are some nuances if you want to market your property for sale internationally.

If for any reason (to get a higher price or locals just do not want to buy while you need to sell) you want to find a buyer from another country, first of all you have to decide exactly in which country or countries it's best to look for a buyer. It's another topic - how to choose, but here we talk about appealing descriptions and they might be different for different countries.

The term "international buyer" is a general one, but international buyers are in reality speaking various languages and having various cultural preferences, and thus marketing internationally demands again to picture your potential buyer and his wants and needs.

For example, do you know that Chinese love to see the water running in front of them, but do not love going to the beach and being in the sun? Thus do not try to lure a Chinese buyer with a promise of a beach nearby, while on the other hand a Russian buyer would be more than happy to be on the beach and should be your best marketing target for a beach vacation property.

Again, examples are many, but the major conclusion regarding international buying markets: know your potential buyer and his preferences and write your property for sale description with the picture of your future buyer in mind.

Need help? I'm only an email away.

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
Selling to Russians

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