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Turkey real estate Russian buyers
November 01, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Turkey real estate Russian buyers. Case study

Turkey is the country where Russian buyers are active in the real estate market nowadays.

From Bloomberg: Russian Buyers Drive Record in Turkey's Home Sales to Foreigners.

"Sales of Turkish homes to foreigners jumped more than 80% in June 2022 from a year ago thanks primarily to accelerating demand from Russian citizens since the start of the war in Ukraine. Russians have now bought 5,849 homes in Turkey during the first half of this year, making them the biggest buyers by nationality.

"In the Mediterranean resort of Antalya foreigners accounted for more than 30% of all home purchases."

From Newsweek: Wealthy Russians Are Racing To Buy Homes in Turkey—Here's Why.

"The allure of owning property in Turkey is growing among Russian buyers, according to the latest numbers. Over 1,000 properties were bought in the country by Russians in July according to the Turkish statistics agency, representing more than 25 percent of foreign buyers in the month.

"Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Russian purchases of Turkish property have increased dramatically to become the biggest nationality.

"One of the attractions of buying Turkish property is the fact that buyers can also get Turkish citizenship as part of the package.

"The surge in purchases by Russians comes as Turkey is facing economic hardship. Inflation is now nearly 80 percent, and the Turkish lira has lost over half its value in the last year, going from around eight lira to the dollar to almost 18 today.

"Turkey tried to act as an intermediary between Russia and Ukraine.

"Turkey has not imposed sanctions on Russia, unlike the U.S. and most countries of Europe."

There are more than 26 000 Turkish properties for sale listed on the most popular Russian real estate portal for international properties.

How about your country? Are foreign buyers active in your area real estate market? Are Russians among them? I can help you with the info.

Just email me.

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Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
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