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How to Write for Real Estate Marketing: Ways to Success or Failure
July 05, 2023

Hi Everyone,

How to Write for Real Estate Marketing: Ways to Success or Failure

First, I'd like to tell a real-life story. Years ago, when nobody could even imagine the covid-19 and sanctions predicaments with all the limitations coming with them that heavily affected international trade, an idea came to me. Why not publish a book which would be a collection of views, cases, advice and experiences of realtors from various countries with their international buyers? The working title "Selling Real Estate to Foreign Investors" or something similar?

From Wikipedia: "An edited volume or edited collection is a collection of chapters written by different authors. The chapters in an edited volume are original works (not republished works). Edited volumes are of interest because they present different viewpoints and experiences on a common theme.

"Alternative terms for edited volume are contributed volume, edited collection and multiauthor volume. All these terms emphasize that the book is a collection of chapters contributed by different authors and harmonized by an editor."

With my skills in marketing real estate, project management, book publishing and promotion I was enthusiastic about arranging such a project as an editor. Finding contributors (!) was the first significant task, and I thought that an open call to author a chapter through real estate associations, and also a direct emailing campaign to hand-picked international realtors would bring me the desired number. Guess what? A big NO!

I promised the potential authors/realtors the world-wide promotion with links to their services in the book (not only under their own chapter, but also in About the Authors chapter with the Bio!), and also a part of profits in the future from selling the book (according to a contract signed before publishing) for their contribution of an article written about their everyday work.

What's difficult in writing a couple of pages - actually for self-marketing - by storytelling??? (No risks at all as a co-authoring contract gives a contributor lots of rights including an option to withdraw his chapter if the final edited version is not up to his expectation, etc.) And here I realized that realtors just CAN'T WRITE marketing texts! They have no such skills... (Although there are very rare exceptions - please turn to the last month's newsletter about Russian investors in Brazil.) And no perks offered can change that lack of skills... thus the project of "Selling Real Estate to Foreign Investors" had failed at birth...

Now, let's look at the property's descriptions on real estate portals: most of them are boring, not interesting, not appealing, often not informative or concentrating on insignificant details, but not on how satisfied a buyer would become after achieving his goal of purchasing and using this property - but it's a law of successful marketing! Why do you think air companies show smiling folks on the seashore under palm trees instead of advertising the number of seats on their plane to the warm sea destination, for example? Right - air companies know marketing!

I've already written several newsletters on the topic of property's descriptions, including "USP (Unique Selling Propositions) in Real Estate Sales" - you may want to go and read this one:

Need help with editing/re-writing/improving your property's descriptions in English or Russian - to stand out of the crowd with your property? Please email me.

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
Selling to Russians

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