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More on Writing for Real Estate Marketing
August 01, 2023

Hi Everyone,

More on Writing for Real Estate Marketing

Last time we talked about writing property descriptions, but there are so many other real estate marketing venues which require knowledge and good writing skills - blogs, forum posts, media content, etc. - and all of them help promote and sell properties.

Actually, the topic is too wide for a newsletter - on Amazon only we can find more than 500 BOOKS if we search for writing for real estate marketing or similar keywords. Google search produces millions of results. Not possible to put arms around, right?

And it's only in English which occupies a bit more than half of the internet with other languages users growing in numbers.

Do you remember how automatic (machine) translation became popular in real estate marketing some years ago? Almost every real estate website owner thought that adding a button 'switch to different languages' would make up for their international marketing?

Of course, soon they realized that was useless - such sites are not visible on the foreign internet to potential buyers searching there anyway, and the translated texts are of no-good quality, thus we do not see much of such so called international marketing any more... We can consider now that the epoch of free automatic translation in real estate marketing is over, right?

Although there are still some real estate portals around that claim to be international portals, and they actually charge clients for machine translation which is free for them and often produces compromised results (to tell the truth, machine translation is getting better nowadays, which doesn't make it a proper marketing tool though) ...

Okay, automatic translation was one of the first steps towards AI (Artificial Intelligence) which attracts so much talks these days. Have you heard of it? Some time ago I started receiving lots of unwanted messages offering me to write the best content for my marketing with AI (not for free of course).

As a result, I have decided to look into the AI matter myself. I asked AI to prepare a reference material for a future article "Russian buyers of properties in Argentina" and in a moment got 3 links to pages of (attention!) my own website and at the end "sorry, nothing on Argentina"...

How do you like it? If someone writes their own article copying texts from my website, I'm going to sue for copyright infringement:-) Thus, this new toy may bring you to a trouble if you publish the AI created texts as your own. Another thing is that AI doesn't create any really new texts, but just compile pieces of something published already on the internet (although quite logically attached one piece to another). So, beware!

We all love easy solutions to our problems, don't we? Now we can expect the new epoch of "easy marketing" when people would start using AI for writing their media posts and other promotional materials and publishing as their own. Well, as said, no really new ideas can be generated this way, but such "publishers" of compilations can get in trouble with copyright issues.

We'll see how it develops, and I might write more on the topic later. For now, let's continue with writing and translating for real estate marketing the only proven way - by a human who is experienced in marketing, real estate and writing in the language of your targeted audience.

Feel free to email me about your needs in "Anything Russian".

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
Selling to Russians

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