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How to Find Foreign Investors for Your Real Estate Project/Property?
September 05, 2018

Hi Everyone,

How to Find Foreign Investors for Your Real Estate Project/Property?

Many questions that I receive from various countries are like that: "My real estate project/property in the country of … is the following one… How can I find foreign investors for it?"

A big question that involves some research and planning. To start answering it for you, here is a shorten sample of a part of my E-Course on the topic: *Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers (Will Be Customized for Your Particular Country and Property)*:

Part 1 of 10. Use Your Country Rules and Benefits for Foreign Real Estate Investors to Your Advantage

You've decided to find a foreign investor for your property as you think it would be profitable for you. Ok, but first things first, and you have to answer 2 questions for yourself before starting:

- Does your country's laws allow foreigners to invest in real estate?

- What benefits will a foreign investor get acquiring a property in your country (if any)?

Why is it important to know the answers?

Most countries of the world do allow foreigners to own properties one way or the other - as a private person or by registering a local company. For a successful closing of the deal you have to know the difference to advise your future foreign buyer accordingly and refer him to an appropriate local professional (a lawyer, notary, etc.) for help if needed.

Quite often governments have specific national programs to attract foreign investments, and the foreigners may receive residency or citizenship in your country as a result of investing in real estate over a definite price or under some other lawful conditions. This is a huge advantage for some foreigners, and you might very well benefit from it as a real estate seller, developer or realtor as well. Great for your marketing message to attract more foreign investors!

(My preliminary findings on your particular country's laws for foreign real estate investors will follow here in the full version of the course.)

Feel free to confirm these findings on your own and also to gather more information from your local sources and consultants in immigration and business, if required. Right now do not sweat on these issues for too long, you may easily move on while doing your additional research on your country's regulations, if and as you wish. The most important conclusion for now is the following (if true): The foreigners are allowed to buy your property, and you can start marketing to them.

Your questions and comments on the topic are welcome, and my answers are included in the course.

(End of Sample)

P.S. How to obtain the full course *Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers* by email, its contents and what you should let me know to customize it to your particular country and property, go to please: E-Course *Sell to Foreign Buyers*

To your best business success,


Olga Kellen,
"Anything Russian",
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
Author of the e-books for realtors and property sellers
Selling to Russians

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