Sell to Foreign Buyers
(Customized for Your Country and Property)

Take control of your real estate international sales!

Having a property for sale, willing to sell to foreign buyers and wondering where to start and what to do to find a buyer without spending unnecessary on marketing? Then order the E-Course, customized to your needs, which will explain in full detail HOW-TO:

  • Use your country rules and benefits for foreign buyers to your advantage
  • Choose the best foreign country(s) for marketing your property and sell to foreign buyers
  • Choose the best foreign language provider if any is required in your situation
  • Stay ahead of your competition on foreign internet to reach the best success in sales
  • Consider foreign cultures and how foreign realtors work
  • Choose passive or active marketing to foreign buyers or both (The following 4 parts of the E-Course are for you to go with the realtors’ help):
  • Find local realtors who can help you sell your property to foreign buyers
  • Find the best foreign realtors for your property to sell to foreign buyers
  • Make your irresistible offer of cooperation to foreign realtors 
  • Build trust with foreign realtors

All of the above problems will be solved with the customized E-Course if you decide to look for the foreign buyers for your property with the help of the local or foreign realtors (passive real estate marketing).

If on the other hand, if you decide to bypass the realtors and look for the foreign buyers by doing your own direct advertising on the foreign internet (active real estate marketing), then the following HOW-TOs will be covered by the Customized E-Course for you (the last 4 parts will be customized to solve the following problems for you):

  • What to include on your property website
  • What property video can do for your success in sales
  • How to choose the best foreign real estate portals for your advertising
  • How to build trust with your foreign buyers

The E-Course will be delivered to you in 10 separate emails during 10 to 30 days (an email each 1 to 3 days). After each email you can ask your questions which will be answered promptly.

The price of $150 for the customized for your country and property for sale course includes answers to your questions on the topic of each part/email.

Please use my Contact Form to let me know that you are interested to receive the customized E-Course *Sell to Foreign Buyers* by email and include: your country, area, type of the property for sale (single family house, condo, commercial property, etc.) and the approximate price. Do not send me any attached photos or documents, but if you have a website or video, provide the link to it, please.

Sincerely yours,

Olga Kellen,
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
American Translators Association