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Please contact English Russian Translator Olga Kellen for a free, no obligation quote, and email the following information about your translation project:

  • sample page
  • approximate word count
  • or link to website to be translated (if this is the case) 

If you have a research or marketing project that involves Russian, feel free to describe the project. Please do not send unsolicited attachments though, especially huge ones! You are welcome to send texts and links to your online resources if any. Marketing projects are priced per hour, per month or per project, and it is your choice.

I will do my best for our future co-operation.

I have many years of vast experience not only in translations - including marketing texts, but also in advertising and promotion on the Russian internet, thus as a professional I combine unique skills in "All Things Russian" and will put my knowledge at your service.

Russian is my mother's language, and Russian culture is my native which makes my translations and projects' internet promotion and advertising in Russian authentic.

Contact English Russian Translator Olga Kellen for any and all your needs in translating from English into Russian and marketing your projects and services on the Russian internet. 

P.S. If you are a real estate professional and request any of the real estate Lists or E-books (these resources are not free, but there are discounts available), please include your agency's website URL with the request. If you are a private real estate seller, please include the type of your property and the country where the property located - for my stats. Thank you!

P.P.S. Please make sure to double check your e-mail address in the form you submit as I often receive forms filled with wrong email addresses of inquirers - then I have no way to reply! ALSO make sure to allow mail from olga @ to be accepted at your address as I've had messages returned by inquirers' filters and then again - I have no way to reply!

P.P.P.S. Please, do not send me large attachments with photos, etc! This inbox is rather small and the provider would delete them anyway... If and when we come to the stage in our discussion that I have to ask for your property photos, I'll provide the emailing instructions at the same time. Thnks!

Sincerely yours,

Olga Kellen,
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
American Translators Association

Email: olga @

Phone: 613-422-5625

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Contact English Russian Translator Olga Kellen: What to Expect Next?

First you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail. It is not me yet, but it is my website talking to you to verify that your message has been received.

Please, again: make sure that your email address you provide in the above Contact English Russian Translator form is CORRECT! There is no way for me to get in contact with you if you misspelled it – my automatic reply will come back undelivered, and it is the sad end of the story…

Ok, if you do receive my automatic confirmation email, I will get back to you as soon as possible in person (considering that sometimes there is a significant time difference between our locations or my day off, etc.)

Note: the meaningful value of my reply to you will depend on your initial message – the more meaningful it is, the more you can expect from me at this stage of our future cooperation.

Often I receive messages like that: “Hello, I have a property for sale here in Dubai, will you find me a Russian buyer?” or “Sell my multi-million property to a Russian buyer and I’ll pay you 5% commission”.

Please, understand that you contact English Russian Translator and Russian Internet Marketer, NOT a Realtor in any country! That is why I am not the right person to sell your property…

BUT I am able to put you in touch with the proper realtors in Russia to cooperate in the sale of your property commission-based, can advise on your best ways of marketing to Russian buyers and overall I may do your marketing in Russian online remotely if you need such services.

To start our discussion on what I can do for you in terms of marketing in Russian (usually inquiries are real estate related), I would prefer to know a bit about your property (what, where, in what price range, etc.). If you have your property description and photos published on the internet in English already, to look at this link would be very useful for me for better understanding – how to proceed.

Contact English Russian Translator and Russian Internet Marketer Olga Kellen with all you translation and marketing in Russian needs!



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