Book Blogging:
Secrets of Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers

by Olga Kellen

For Literary Agents and Publishers

What is "book blogging", or "blogging a book", or "blog to book", or "blog a book", or any similar term with the meaning of "turning a blog into a book"?

One can find out that a number of titles published by the big publishing houses had started as a blog and then turned into a book deal. Some examples of such How-to books are the following:
=How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir
=Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur by Pamela Slim
=This Is Why You’re Fat: Where Dreams Become Heart Attack by Jessica Amazon

The major question here is: How do literary agents and publishers discover the book blogging authors they would like to become their print book authors? I wish I knew such important inner secrets, but my more or less educated guess would be: CONTENT (that eventually interests the publishers) and PROMOTION (that puts my content in front of the eyes of the publishers and agents).

Anyway, a minimum requirement for an aspiring author would be to have a blog first of all, right?

Blog a Book on WordPress

That's why I have registered a new WordPress website with the idea to put online my manuscript Secrets of Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers, in its abridged form as blog posts at

On the home page I tell the story of how the manuscript had been born as a How-to Question/Answer type of work based on my consulting practice in international real estate marketing. The thing is that very often my clients from all over the world who are willing to sell properties to the foreigners, ask the same questions of a general nature, and a compact compilation of the answers would be helpful for them.

To read the manuscript in its logical order, here's the first (oldest) book blogging post of Secrets of Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers, to start with: 

Why Should We Care about Real Estate Foreign Buyers – Secrets of Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers (

Yes, I realize of course that blog posts are different from book chapters in many ways: The length, keywords density and other SEO basics that need to be applied. That’s why the book blogging requires work to do to turn the manuscript into chunks suitable for posting online. (Or if one starts with blogging, then there will be a work to do to create the book chapters from the separate posts later.)

Another issue: Some book coaches advise NOT to blog a book because the texts would be not new, not original, and thus not interesting to anybody, and nobody would want to publish such a book as a result. Well, my recipe for bypassing this issue would be to put online not the whole manuscript, but its ABRIDGED version - meaning that I have more to say in print than published online. 

Whom Secrets of Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers will target?

Plenty of articles, reports, forums and other materials on the topic of international real estate marketing are available online, and each talks about some partial issues of the cross-cultural selling of real estate, but who is able to read the whole pile of millions of pages to find out what exactly to do to successfully sell their own property? A human life is not long enough…

No book has been published so far to summarize the knowledge and make it easy to create a practical roadmap for marketing and selling a particular property internationally. At the same time the demand for All-One-Has-to-Know about selling real estate to the foreign buyers in a compact form is huge and growing.

During the covid-19 pandemic many countries closed their borders for foreign visitors, and traveling was reduced to a minimum, thus marketing and selling real estate to foreign buyers was not so popular. But in post-covid times the industry is up and running again!  

Realtors, developers and private property owners all over the world are eager to be discovered by the international buyers to be able to sell real estate to them faster and for more.

If such a book is ever published, it has a high potential in the global markets for offering translation rights into German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc. Real estate sellers in many countries are interested in attracting the foreign buyers to their properties, thus need the knowledge and everybody prefers to learn in their own language, right?

The book blogging of Secrets of Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers is the tool to inform the literary agents and publishers about the opportunity.

Welcome to my Blog and contact for a Book Proposal please:

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English - Russian Translator,
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