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Why is it important to have your property video in Russian if you want to market your property to Russian buyers? Nowadays with all the advances of the internet potential real estate buyers become more and more visual while searching for properties that they want.

Some internet reports state that up to 90% of potential buyers would prefer to see a property video before trying to go and see the property in reality. For overseas buyers it is even more important! Also the internet sources say that under 10% of sellers (mostly technology advanced realtors) use video in their real estate promotion.

See the huge difference in numbers here? And how would your property win over others if you had a good video of it on YouTube and were able to show it to potential buyers? For buyers who have to come to see your property from far away video is a real advantage! Talking about Russian buyers – the supporting texts in your video should be in Russian of course and also the title, description and keywords for YouTube have to be in Russian if you want Russian buyers to find your property video on YouTube.

Your property static website in Russian with all kinds of text and photo information on the property and area, with maps, floor plans, rules of foreign ownership, visas, other documents, etc. is important as always, but your property video in Russian is much more attractive for those potential Russian buyers who prefer views and feelings of the property.

So, having your property video in Russian uploaded on YouTube, you can do many things in terms of marketing your property: send the YouTube video link to all your friends (they have their own friends – it can become viral and eventually get you a buyer!), inform realtors about it, put the link on your property website (if you have any), post it in other appropriate places on the internet.

You can think that video creation is too expensive and that might be right if you do a real Hollywood-type video employing a professional with his expensive equipment. (This is the way to go only for very high-end properties).

There is an economy solution available: creating a video from your property photos with some transition effects and background music. It looks like a video showing room-after-room and view-after-view. It's much easier and cheaper to create, but at the same time almost the same impressive as a real video.

Here is a sample of such a property video in Russian and English (a hotel in Italy for sale).

Here is my YouTube channel where you can see more property videos. 

Or you can go straight to my YouTube PlayList "International real estate for sale to Russian buyers".

I can help you with your property video in Russian creation and YouTube posting it for $150 (you provide photos and some text in English).

Or, if you so prefer, you create and post the video on your own, and I just translate into Russian for your video: the marketing text, title, YouTube description and keywords - as you need Russian buyers to find it, right? The pricing would depend on the volume (with a minimum fee of $50, and this is enough in most cases).

Get your property for sale on YouTube for Russian Buyers to find it and send you an inquiry!


Olga Kellen,
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
American Translators Association

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