Top Russian Real Estate PORTALS where Russian buyers search for properties in ANY country 
agents/owners from ANY country can post properties for sale

Russian Real Estate Portals present domestic and international properties to Russian buyers in Russian. There are several major Russian Portals and also some smaller Portals that target more specific audiences.

Russians prefer to search for international properties to buy in their own language.  

There are many international real estate Portals in English on the internet, but if you want to sell your properties in ANY country of the world to Russian Buyers, you have to list your international properties on the real estate Portals on the Russian internet where Russian Buyers will search for properties in Russian.

What are the advantages of using Russian Real Estate Portals for marketing your properties to the Russian buyers?

- First of all, it’s an immediate and often significant volume of internet traffic of potential Russian Buyers for your properties. The thing is that reputable Portals charge for listings and/or advertising your property on their pages and spend some of the money received for their own promotion on the Russian internet.

Promoting themselves to the higher positions on the first pages of search engines, Portals also promote your properties this way. The more visitors in general come to a particular Portal due to its visibility on top of other websites, the more potentially valuable visitors come to see your property on this Portal (some of the visitors would inquire about your property and then one would buy eventually).

- The best real estate Portals on the Russian internet have many millions of visitors a year or in other words many thousands of visitors a day. Of course, not all the visitors would be interested in your particular property, but anyway, your part of the traffic would depend on the Portal’s total number of visitors, right?

Actually, when a Russian potential investor in international real estate starts searching the Russian internet for some particular country’s properties, most of the time he will see first properties published on the reputable Portals. And you know how it goes with the internet – you dive into something and then forget to move to other sites that are lower in their internet positions…

- Another good thing about publishing your property for sale on Russian Real Estate Portals is the options they provide for any marketing budget of yours: just a general listing among others, an elevated listing on top of others from your country, an ad on a margin, and so on, maybe even up to a big banner on the Portal’s home page for millions to see (suitable for big developers, for example). Of course, the price for you will be according to the visibility, and time of exposure is also flexible - for you to choose.

How can I help you get on Russian Real Estate Portals with your properties for sale?

The List of Top Real Estate Portals on the Russian internet (with English capabilities for advertisers), annotated in English, for agents, developers and owners from ANY country who are interested in marketing their properties from all over the world to Russian buyers, can be created for you. The Portals included are those with some English possibilities which means that often you can post WITHOUT knowing Russian!

All of the Portals appear on the first pages of search engines when Russian people search on the Russian internet for international real estate properties.

These Russian Portals have the information for foreign advertisers in English.

Some Russian Portals include listings' translation into Russian in their service, some use automatic translation (those translations are of low quality), most leave it up to you.

For each Portal there is a short description with the countries represented, traffic, how it works; the URLs of the home page, registration / "add listing" page, advertising price lists; contact information - anything needed to use the best Portals for your real estate sales.

You can get The List of Top Russian Real Estate Portals for advertising properties in your country, annotated in English, with all the information on their use for your real estate marketing to the Russians included, emailed to you for $200. Some advice on how to deal with listings, what to expect, etc., will come with the List.

Please contact me for invoicing to receive The List of Top Russian Real Estate Portals for your country

Note: I can also do translations of your property descriptions and headlines into Russian when you decide on a Portal and terms of publication (listing and/or ad). If needed I can help with the process of publication.

If you are more of a do-it-yourself type, you can learn about Russian Real Estate Portals, how to find them and post your listings and ads from my e-books on the topic - please click on the covers to go to Amazon.

Sincerely yours,

olga kellen

Olga Kellen,
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
American Translators Association

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