Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers: How Does It Pay?

The trend of buying real estate in countries other than one's own exists and growing in the modern world, nobody is capable to discontinue it, and anybody can use it to their advantage as a private seller of a property, real estate agent or developer and expand their buyers' pool by marketing to foreign buyers to advance the success in real estate sales.

As it happens with any other trends in the world’s markets, there are times when a particular country's properties are very popular among foreign buyers from some countries, then the trend can change and some other foreign countries' buyers will come.  Catch the wave while it occurs!

Why would it be profitable for any real estate seller or realtor to market to foreign buyers?

Two major reasons in a balanced real estate market:
1. Foreigners usually pay higher prices,
2. They pay cash most of the time (no problems with financing).

If your local real estate market is slow, then finding foreign buyers may be the only way for you to sell your property. If your local real estate market is hot, marketing to foreign buyers may allow you to ask an even higher price for your property.

Let's see what the press sources say nowadays.

CNBC: "The mean purchase price for overseas buyers is $499,600, nearly twice the national mean purchase price of $255,600 (over the U.S.). Foreigners are also paying more than they were last year. The mean price paid by overseas buyers jumped 26% over the previous year. More than half of all the overseas buyers paid all-cash…"

The Financial Times: "Chinese buyers spent more than three times the average American buyer, paying an average of $831,800 per property, compared with the national average transaction price of $255,600. About 70% of Chinese purchases were reported as all-cash..."

Miami Association of Realtors: "Average purchase price for top international buyers = $444,000 vs. $231,000 domestic. 81% of international buyers in Florida paid cash."

My new book HOW TO SELL REAL ESTATE TO FOREIGN BUYERS will help realtors, developers and owners of properties for sale to create the marketing roadmap to effectively market online or offline and sell properties to the buyers all over the world; it is suitable for any property, seller's situation and marketing budget.

The book structure is as follows:
Part I. Marketing to Foreign Buyers: General Ideas
Part. II. Active Marketing to Foreign Buyers (Directly)
Part III. Passive Marketing to Foreign Buyers (through Foreign Realtors)

The fifty short chapters cover the following major topics of interest among others:

  • How to decide whether one needs to market properties internationally and in what countries;
  • How to choose the best way of marketing: active (advertising and promoting properties for sale directly to foreign buyers) or passive (making cooperative deals
  • with realtors in foreign countries who will be in charge of bringing the foreign buyers);
  • What is involved in active and passive real estate marketing to foreign buyers;
  • What kind of the foreign buyers are the target for a particular property;
  • How to develop the marketing budget to reach the foreign buyers;
  • How to overcome the language barrier;
  • How to choose the proper translation providers if one needs any;
  • How to get visibility in the foreign internet, print media and at the real estate shows abroad to find the foreign buyers;
  • How to find the proper foreign realtors and make offers to them;
  • How to communicate with the foreign buyers and successfully close on properties.

Most of the chapters of the book HOW TO SELL REAL ESTATE TO FOREIGN BUYERS are practical answers to questions that I receive daily through this website as marketing consultant; the questions come from real people who want to bring international buyers to their properties.

An abridged version of the book is being published as book-to-blog at

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Olga Kellen, 

English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
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