Olga Kellen,
the Author of the Amazon E-Series: How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers

Olga Kellen started her consulting for international real estate private sellers, developers and realtors in 2008. Many owners of properties for sale, realtors and developers from all over the world are her clients. For their own reasons they had come to the idea that extending the buyers' pool for their properties for sale by bringing international real estate investors on board is the most profitable path for them.

The clients ask many questions about this route, and very often the questions are quite similar or even identical - and this is the base for the recent E-Series: How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers by Olga Kellen to be started on Amazon. Eventually, the series will reveal All-One-Has-To-Know to be successful in international real estate sales - how to work with foreign realtors, how to advertise internationally, how to use foreign internet to one's advantage, etc.

Olga is bilingual and bicultural between the Russian-speaking countries and North America. She is the American Association of Translators (ATA) member. After her scientific career came to an end because of the immigration, she had started a new one as an English – Russian translator and in this capacity moved to specialization in real estate first and then to providing international consulting services to real estate sellers and their realtors.

Russian is Olga's mother's tongue, and her prevailing field of consulting is for those clients who are selling properties to the buyers from Russia and other Russian-speaking countries. At the same time, as the major cross-cultural and cross-borders real estate sales show so many common features that with some extensive research on other nations’ buying preferences and cultures Olga was able to start this Amazon E-Series as a more general advice for any seller and realtor willing to find all kinds of international investors for their properties.

Olga is a problem solver, researcher and analyst with the M.S. education level. She has been writing and publishing a lot of texts: scientific and marketing reports, translations, blog posts and articles, website content in English and Russian and e-books.

The latest project is the Amazon E-Series: How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers and you can find all already published e-books at Olga Kellen's Amazon Author's Page http://www.amazon.com/author/olgakellen and more parts of the series are coming.

Olga Kellen

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