How to Find Russian Buyers
(Marketing Packages for Selling Your International Real Estate to Russians)

Here are general Marketing Packages to find Russian Buyers for your international real estate. Of course, many more possibilities are available for any marketing budget.

These Marketing Packages have been created to meet the most often received inquiries from realtors, developers and property owners from all over the world who are willing to find Russian Buyers for their international properties. 

Russian Buyers are very much sought-after by sellers of international properties, as Russians buy real estate in many countries and spent more than $12 billion a year on that at the top of their demand for international properties (lately the demand has changed to some extent).

Find Russian Buyers

I. Find Russian Buyers – Analysis of Your Property Description, Headline, etc. for the Russian Market with Recommendations (starting from $50)

As you probably know (or at least guess), prospective buyers of international properties vary culturally, economically and traditionally depending of their country of origin.

Russian Buyers of international properties have their own preferences, cultural habits and desires. Sometimes even small changes in your online presentation of a property might bring you more interested Russian prospects.

I can review your property online presentation – whether already published or being prepared for publication – from the point of view of a Russian investor, and propose changes for the best marketing success if required. Your presentation might be in Russian or English. Translations into Russian are also available of course.

II. Find Russian Buyers - YouTube Video with Russian Texts ($150)

Real estate buyers are very visual these days and posting your property video with Russian texts can be the most effective way to showcase your property.

We can create a video for you using the same photos, description and your contact information and post it on YouTube for you. Actually, it will be a slide show with automatic transitions between photos and texts with some music in the background - much better visually than static listings.

Another option of promoting your property for sale on YouTube to the Russian Buyers: you create a video, we add Russian texts, descriptions and proper YouTube Russian keywords, so that Russians can find your property on YouTube.

The inquiries of interested potential Russian Buyers will come through any contact information you want to attach to your video. Short messages back and forth from and to a reasonable number of inquirers will be translated for free if needed.

III. Find Russian Buyers - Basic Co-operation Offer to Russian Realtors ($300) - Most Popular!

This method is good for realtors and developers to market their services and many international properties through co-operation with Russian Realtors. Owners of a single property can successfully use it as well especially if your international property is unique in some way.

A specific list of the top 20 Russian Realtors who have been recently advertising properties in your country for sale to Russians will be created for you. There will be all the contact info of the real estate company and its agents too (if available) and short descriptions of their listings and activities.

These Russian Realtors have already shown their specific interest in selling your country's properties; as they obviously spend money on ads it means that they are serious about working with your country, have expertise in your country’s real estate and can advise Russian Buyers accordingly. Also, they might already have prospective Russian Buyers for your properties because of their recent ads!

An offer of commission-based co-operation on behalf of your company or you will be emailed to all these Russian brokers and agents. You provide the first draft of your offer in English (it will be adjusted to the Russian business mentality, approved by you and then translated into Russian). Your offer will be emailed through the list of these hand-picked Russian Realtors in both English and Russian with copies to you.

Interested in your offer Russian Realtors will contact you directly. Short messages back and forth from and to a reasonable number of the first responders - interested Russian Realtors - will be translated for free if needed (translation of agreements and other technical and legal documents will be charged separately – again, if needed).

Free Bonus: How to Email Russian Realtors your offer of cooperation in sales - 7 "Do" and 7 "Do Not Do" things.

IV. Find Russian Buyers - Premium Promotion to Russian Buyers and Realtors ($700 or less)

This method is good for owners, realtors and developers with a rather exquisite property to showcase and sell to Russian Buyers.

You get your own Russian brochure-style website dedicated to your particular property where you are able to explain anything you want about its features, neighborhood, post any amount of photos, etc. and provide links to your other websites, properties, services, news, etc. – any marketing points you want.

Or for a much-reduced price you get just a Russian static page on your existing English property website that will be suitable for targeted marketing to Russian Buyers (savings come from using your already designed site with photos instead of starting from scratch).

The Russian Realtors with whom you are willing to cooperate, will already have any information they need for promoting your property in Russian, and which is ready to just be copied for their own marketing needs to get you Russian Buyers, and this can put your property on top of their radars as the most convenient to market in Russia.

Russian Realtors for co-operation in sale of your property to Russian Buyers will be found and contacted the same way as in Marketing Package III.

The website will be active for one year (with an option of any prolongation you need of course), and translation of back and forth short messages from and to interested direct Russian Buyers and Realtors is also included for this period if needed (translation of agreements and other technical and legal documents will be charged separately – again, if needed). 

Free Bonus: How to Email Russian Realtors your offer of cooperation in sales - 7 "Do" and 7 "Do Not Do" things.

V. Find Russian Buyers – Advertise Properties on Russian Real Estate Portals

One of the easy and effective methods (not the cheapest though) of presenting your property for sale to Russian buyers is listing your property for sale on Russian Real Estate Portals. Details are at Russian Real Estate Portals (

VI. Find Russian Buyers - Customized Marketing in Russian (for any marketing budget)

Your own Russian website for more than one property or adding Russian to your existing website, Russian internet promotion and advertising, more Russian Realtors to co-operate with, publishing articles about your properties, area and services online and in print in Russian, reports on your competition in Russia, etc. – "Anything Russian" you need and want.

Free Bonus: How to Email Russian Realtors your offer of cooperation in sales - 7 "Do" and 7 "Do Not Do" things.

VII. E-Course *Sell to Foreign Buyers* Customized to Your Property and Area ($150) - New!

This E-Course will help with finding international investors for your properties from all over the world and includes answers to your questions as well. Details are at E-Course *Sell to Foreign Buyers* Customized to Your Country and Property (

P. S. I have a special offer for you if your first/last name initials are O.K. - just like mine (Olga Kellen = O.K.) -:)

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