Russian Real Estate Brokers

in Moscow to co-broke in selling properties from ANY country to Russian Buyers

The number of Russian real estate Brokers can be estimated as more than 500,000 all over the country.

In Moscow there are some 150,000 Realtors as some internet sources report (we may guess that in the capital prosperous city as big as Moscow, and where the real estate market is highly developed, there are more Realtors per a thousand of people than somewhere in a small provincial town).

Please note that most of them work only with their domestic properties, not internationally, and those Russian real estate companies that do sell international properties to Russian Buyers may be specialists in one or other foreign country or countries, while several really huge companies can cover the whole world or close to it.

How many of the above-mentioned Russian Realtors are working internationally? How many of those who work internationally may work with your particular country? Good questions…

How to Choose Russian Real Estate Brokers to Cooperate with in Selling Your Property to Russian Buyers?

In Russia there are no laws that require Russian real estate Brokers to be licensed, no Realtors’ licensing bodies, and no specific laws to regulate Russian real estate Brokers' activities and commissions.

Even more: there are no exact definitions for real estate Brokers, Agents or Realtors, also real estate Agencies or Companies in Russian, and all these words are being used interchangeable. 

How should you evaluate a particular Russian Realtor in terms of their qualification, reliability and ethic? That's a tough question to answer lacking legal regulations and requirements.

Some partial solution to this problem can be found, as there are several associations of Realtors in Russia that are concerned about this situation and perform voluntary certification of their members.

There is an umbrella organization for Realtors in all areas of Russia – Russian Guild of Realtors, also there is a city association in Moscow – Moscow Guild of Realtors. 

The goal and purpose of these associations are education of their members and standardization of the real estate industry in Russia. Experiences and achievements of world's Realtors associations are being used as the basic for these activities.

The associations accepted Codes of Ethics and Standards of Practices that regulate their members' real estate related activities in the absence of specific real estate laws and Realtors' licensing system in Russia. 

There are also plenty of Russian real estate companies and independent Brokers who are not members of any associations, but are good at what they do anyway.

Actually, in Russia nobody pays much attention to whether a particular Realtor belongs to any organization (unlike other countries where licensing is mandatory) or works on its own (not possible in the countries with strong licensing laws).

Other criteria are usually being used for evaluation of Russian real estate Brokers, such as: experience, reliability, past clients’ reviews, etc.

Russian Real Estate Brokers in Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russia in so many ways, including being the center of real estate industry development, number of real estate companies and people working in them. Also, Moscow is the wealthiest city in Russia with the largest number of affluent people in the population.

Thus, you may really want to find business partners for your international properties-for-sale among Moscow Brokers. Let’s consider the internet power nowadays: any and all of real estate professionals can be reached online – no matter where they are physically located (although Moscow Brokers are still much easier reachable for the Moscow city folks in brick-and-mortar offices if needed)

As we’ve concluded above, the major criterion for choosing Moscow Russian Brokers to cooperate in your real estate sales should be their experience in selling your country’s properties to Russian Buyers.

How do we find the most experienced Brokers? It’s relatively easy: let’s search the Russian internet for their advertising to serve Russian Buyers in the hunt of purchasing properties like yours. The higher is the internet positioning of a particular Broker (which costs him money and efforts of course), the higher might be our hopes that he is the most experienced and trusted by Russian Buyers.

How can I help you in establishing partnership with Russian real estate Brokers in Moscow?

If you prefer to get your own specialized List of Russian Realtors, who sell just your country's properties in Russia, feel free to visit Russian real estate agents advertising international properties in Russian media 

If you are a do-it-yourself type and want to educate yourself on the topic, you can download my e-books *How to Find the Best Foreign Realtors and Make Your Offer of Cooperation in Sale Irresistible to Them* and *How to Sell Real Estate to the Russians* to apply the knowledge and contact the Russian real estate agents on your own (click on the book covers below to go to Amazon):

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