Sell to Russian Buyers: How to Sell Real Estate to the Russians

Would you like to sell to Russian buyers as you have heard about the Russians buying real estate in your area and often without any financing problems? But you do not know Russian and how to deal with this business in general?

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Based on my vast experience of marketing international real estate to the Russians I've written the compact guide on how to sell to Russian buyers and published it as an e-book on Amazon.

This e-book (as a part of the series) *How to Sell Real Estate to the Russians* contains practical recommendations on the topics of finding the Russian-speaking buyers for your properties by advertising directly in Russian media or cooperating with those realtors in Russia who are specialists in your country properties. It suits all the sellers, realtors and developers from the countries and areas that are popular among the international real estate buyers from Russia and other Russian-speaking countries.

Introduction to *How to Sell Real Estate to the Russians*:

"Cultural differences can be a barrier sometimes if and when a real estate buyer is a foreigner. As we all know, nations differ in cultures, languages, buying habits and preferences, too, and although the final process of selling a property according to the laws and rules of the country where the property is located, may be the same, never mind where the buyer comes from, but marketing to find international buyers may depend a lot on the nationality of such buyers who are sought after.

At the same time the sellers of properties, their realtors and developers alike might be very much interested in a particular group of international investors as these investors are known for purchasing a lot in the area and paying high prices without any financing problems as they are cash buyers most often. Thus learning about how to market and sell real estate to these particular buyers of some nationality is very much worth the effort.

This e-book *How to Sell Real Estate to the Russians* is the expert advice for realtors, developers and private property sellers from all over the world who are looking specifically at how to sell to Russian buyers to broaden their buying pool and thus improve their real estate sales. The author knows the subject first hand of course.

We will discuss the following important for your success in selling to the Russians matters:

* How to find a Russian buyer for your property;
* How to contact Russian realtors and make them want your business;
* Where to advertise to the Russian buying public;
* How to overcome the language barrier;
* What cultural differences the Russian real estate buyers have and what kind of properties they want;
* How to develop trust with the Russian real estate buyers and business partners;
* All other business necessities.

Sir Winston Churchill once said: "Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma", but now we will uncover the specific features of the Russian-speaking buyers of international real estate, their tastes and preferences and also will talk about how to win their trust to close a sale eventually.

Real estate owners, developers, brokers and agents from all over the world who are interested to sell their properties to the Russians - directly or through Russian real estate agents - usually have lots of questions about how to sell to Russian buyers. This e-book will provide the answers."

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Contents of *How to Sell Real Estate to the Russians*:

Introduction to the E-Series
Introduction to the Book 3 of the E-Series
Q1. Is It Possible to Find a Russian Buyer for Your Particular Property?
Q2. How to Find a Russian Buyer for a Particular Property?
Q3. What Are the Best Ways to Advertise Real Estate for Sale to the Russians?
Q4. How to Sell to Russian Buyers if a Seller or Realtor Does Not Know Russian?
Q5. What Are the Cultural Peculiarities of the Russian Buyers of International Real Estate and What Kind of Properties Are They Looking for?
Q6. How Do Russian Realtors Work and Why Are They Different from the Western Realtors?
Q7. How to Find a Russian Realtor Who Is the Best for Selling Your Property to the Russians?
Q8. How to Make Your Offer of Cooperation in Sales to Russian Realtors Appear on Top of the Competition and Highly Acceptable?
Q9. What Is the Most Important for Success When You Sell to Russian Buyers?
Q10. What Do the Russians Want?
What People Are Saying about Selling Properties to Foreigners
About the E-Series How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers
About the Author

Feel free to visit Olga Kellen's Amazon Author's page, find out more about the E-Series: *How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers*, download this third e-book on how to sell to Russian buyers and watch for the other books in the E-Series on all the useful topics for private owners of properties for sale, realtors and developers who want to sell properties internationally.

Sincerely yours,

Olga Kellen,
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
American Translators Association

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