International Real Estate Exhibitions in Russia

To participate in international real estate exhibitions in Russia is the best way to meet buyers for your properties and establish personal connections with potential business partners.

It's also the most expensive way of getting into the market of Russian buyers for international real estate - the costs of flights, hotels, visas plus exhibition fees and translation / interpreting sum up. Thus it is mostly suitable for a big real estate company with a substantial marketing budget. 

During the pandemic some exhibitions offer an online version without personal presence which makes participation much more affordable!

In Russia the most important international real estate exhibitions take place several times a year in Moscow, the capital, and St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia. There are some other big Russian cities starting the same activities.

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Exhibitions in Russia

To choose the best Russian real estate exhibitions for your properties, you should compare such parameters as the visitor's profile and anticipated number of visitors, among others like timing and pricing.

Keep in mind that some events are fully booked well in advance, so start your research and application process early.

All of the websites of the Russian real estate exhibitions have an English version for exhibitors' convenience where you can find some preliminary information if you are willing to exhibit your properties in Russia and find buyers and/or partners over there. You can find the Russian real estate exhibition websites through Google, etc.

If you want to have the recent annotated List of the largest international real estate exhibitions taking place in Russia in the order they appear on the first page on the Russian internet where a potential Russian buyer for an international property would search in Russian for such an exhibit to visit, I can do this for you for a fee; contact me through the Contact form on this site. Of course, the organizers involve other marketing efforts to get visitors to their exhibitions too.

Also, there are publications in Russian that compare and evaluate the success of various such events. So, my report will include more info on Russian real estate exhibitions than you can find on English internet on your own and your decision in what expo to participate would be based on solid grounds.

Ask for your own recent List of Major International Real Estate Exhibitions in Russia through the CONTACT form

International Real Estate Exhibitions in Russia – from the point of view of Russian visitors, aka your potential buyers and business partners

You are going to spend big money to participate in a real estate exhibition in Russia in high hopes to find Russian buyers over there for your properties and maybe get in touch with potential cooperative local brokers who would send you Russian buyers in the future.

But what if there are not many visitors in the exhibition hall, just lots of bored participants – exhibitors like yourself after all? Your expense goes wasted… How to escape such a sad situation?

The answer is: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Actually, in your case of failure (if it happens with wasting money on a wrong exhibition) there’s no cure at all… Thus, let’s talk about prevention here.

The usual way of collecting reviews from a particular exhibition’s past visitors may help a lot: if visitors of the last year’s exhibition of the same organizer you consider going with, were not happy last time and left a disappointed review, then you probably should reconsider taking part this year… On the other hand, good reviews from the last year would encourage you to participate this year, right?

Of course, the reviews from Russian visitors are in Russian (while from exhibitors would be in English if you can find any…)

Why a real estate exhibition might be a failure for you?

First of all, any good exhibition’ organizers should take good care of bringing lots of visitors to their show – by sending invitations to many highly targeted folks electronically and in print, by placing ads in the right media, too, etc. It costs them money of course, and the organizers should not be greedy… But if they don’t do the job properly, then they let you down…

Second, you have to find out beforehand whether at a particular exhibition there would be the right crowd for your properties - whether your offer is in a luxury or budget real estate segment, in what country, etc.

Third, if your goal is to find business partners in Russia, it’s worth the effort to contact some hand-picked before your trip to arrange meetings at the expo.

How to avoid a potential waste of money with participating in international real estate exhibitions in Russia? Collect all the relevant info, reviews, choose appropriately and get prepared!

Ask for your own recent List of Major International Real Estate Exhibitions in Russia through the CONTACT form


Olga Kellen, English - Russian Translator

Olga Kellen,
English - Russian Translator,
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