Foreign Investors

"Where can I find a list of foreign investors in my country’s real estate?"

"How do I connect with foreign realtors to help me sell my property to international buyers?"

"Can you help me with selling my property to the Russian buyers?"

These are some of the typical questions that I receive daily from realtors, developers and private real estate owners from all over the world, and over the years of international marketing consulting I have replied to such quests for getting the foreign investors in so many variations that now the material is enough for filling up a huge tome.

That is why I have started to sort it out and publish on Amazon as e-books dedicated to solving various problems of selling real estate to the foreign investors. The title of the E-Series:*How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers*, and its Amazon home:

Of course, the term "foreign investors" or a.k.a. "international investors" is just for using a short definition for the real estate buyers that come to purchase your property from abroad, while in reality they differ a lot by languages, cultures and buying preferences when it comes to marketing to them.

The thing is that although the investors for your property may come from all kind of foreign countries, there are many common features in this business of selling real estate to foreign buyers: methods of selecting the best foreign business partners to send you investors and the best foreign advertising and marketing platforms to get in touch with the potential investors directly; also the best internet practices to be visible and found online and converting your website visitors into buyers, etc.

Some of the e-books in the series are of general nature and apply to any foreign markets, while some other e-books deal with the specific foreign markets (Russian and Chinese so far).

 Introduction to the E-Series *How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Investors*:

"The E-Series will eventually summarize All-You-Have-to-Know to successfully market and sell real estate to foreign investors.

Why would you need the real estate buyers from abroad?

"All real estate is local" as the old saying goes, but buyers are not! In today’s internet times you can sell goods, services and real estate to anybody in the world without borders.

The information provided in the E-Series is highly useful for any real estate sellers in any country who want to expand the buyers’ market for their residential or commercial properties all over the world: From a private owner of a small condo or a historic mansion or a hotel for sale, to a realtor offering just one property or all the full menu of services to the international real estate buyers, to a developer with properties in various stages of completion.

Why should you bother with looking for the foreign investors for your properties for sale in some specific way? Isn't it enough to market the properties in your own country, media (internet and print) and language to find a buyer? Well, very often it is really not enough and the reasons are plenty: Your local real estate market is weak and the local buyers are not active at all while you have to sell fast and not on the cheap; or the local market is more or less balanced, but you feel that you can't get the price you want anyway; or your property for sale might have a much greater appeal to a foreign investor from a particular country as for a local one and you may very well benefit from this situation as a private seller or realtor or developer.

Some real estate sellers believe that taking the usual approach to marketing properties for sale in the comfort of their own language, media and cultural environment is just enough and the foreign investors can find them anyway if they wish. Yes, it is possible to get one or two international inquirers this way, but the number of the prospective buyers will be in no comparison if using the methods of your property promotion to the foreign markets specifically.

The E-series *How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers* is based on the author's personal experience with marketing international real estate from all over the world to the foreign Russian-speaking buyers (directly to the buying public and through Russian-speaking realtors) and her extensive research in the other foreign nation’s markets (like Chinese who are the hot topic in all the media).

The author, Olga Kellen, has been freelancing for many years as the English-Russian translator, American Association of Translators member, and bilingual and bicultural internet marketing consultant. She gladly welcomes the readers’ comments and questions. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, she will be thankful for putting your own "Mark of Approval" for any of these e-books that you have found useful - please say what is especially worthwhile in your seller's or realtor's situation. You may post a Customer Review here at Amazon under the book's details or write directly to the author through a contact form on her website. Thanks!"

Note: here on this site you can find lots of info on Russian investors in international properties and also help with finding them for your properties – CONTACT on the left menu please.

Sincerely yours,

Olga Kellen,
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
American Translators Association

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