International Property Sales:
How to Plan and Budget for Success

What is the goal of your marketing to achieve international property sales? To sell properties faster? For more? Or to be able to sell at all (in case the local buyers do not buy)? Can you afford to spend some money for your foreign marketing?

There are two major ways of marketing real estate for sale: passive (when you pass all duties on a realtor and pay commission on sale later) and active (you advertise your property for sale and pay for ads, but no commission). Which one is better in your case? It depends mostly on your character (do you like to be in a driver’s seat? or would you prefer to be in a passenger’s and let somebody else to bring you to the goal destination?)

Also other things may have an impact on your decision: do you have time and skills to do your own marketing? Do you have the money upfront to pay for advertising? Or would you prefer to pay commission-on-sale from the money you receive from the sale – even if this amount might be more? Etc.

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Many outside and inside factors and the state of your local real estate market might affect your goal and thus your real estate marketing to foreigners plan. The size of your potential foreign marketing budget can be from zero (yes, you can do something for free to attract international buyers!) to the usual business marketing expenses, and you can get various kinds of a roadmap of marketing to the foreign buyers according to the budget that you can afford.

The e-book *How to Plan and Budget for Success in International Property Sales* is a practical guide to creating the most cost-effective marketing plan for any marketing budget for realtors, developers and private owners of properties for sale willing to sell internationally.

Introduction to *How to Plan and Budget for Success in International Property Sales*:

"There are many ways of marketing your piece of real estate or your professional services in the real estate field internationally: Cooperating with realtors in foreign countries, advertising in the foreign internet, print media or at the real estate shows abroad - by any and all means of getting a foreign buyer to the closing table. The various marketing techniques are applicable to various types of properties, their costs differ and to spend your marketing budget wisely you have to be able to compare the available options for your properties and/or services in the return-on-investment terms.

This e-book *How to Plan and Budget for Success in International Property Sales* is about creating the most cost-effective marketing plan based on any marketing budget for any property for sale to the foreign real estate buyers.

We will discuss the following important for your success issues here:

* How to choose the best foreign country for your real estate sales;
* How to picture your foreign buyer’s profile;
* How to offer him what he wants and needs;
* How to calculate your marketing budget;
* What to include in your marketing plan based on the budget available;
* How to address the foreign buyers in the most cost-effective way;
* All other business necessities.

By the way, some of the next books in the E-Series will be about the various aspects of the successful internet marketing in a foreign country where you want to find a buyer for you property in more details.

Now let's proceed to the business of planning and budgeting your international real estate marketing."

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Contents of *How to Plan and Budget for Success in International Property Sales*:

1. Introduction
Introduction to the E-Series
Introduction to the Book 4 of the E-Series
2. General Marketing Steps
3. The Best Foreign Country for Your Property Marketing
4. Your Foreign Buyer’s Portrait
5. Passive vs. Active Marketing
6. Foreign Internet and Languages
7. Estimating Your Marketing Budget
8. Allocating Your Marketing Budget
9. Marketing Plan
10. Conclusion
What People Are Saying about Selling Properties to Foreigners
About the E-Series How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers
About the Author

Feel free to visit Olga Kellen’s Amazon Author’s page, find out more about the E-Series: *How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers*, download this e-book on how to create the best working marketing plan for your international property sales, and watch for the other books in the E-Series on all the useful topics for private owners of properties for sale, realtors and developers who want to sell properties internationally.

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