Interview with Daniel J Bollinger, International Realtor in New York,
selling properties to foreign buyers without knowing their languages

Q. Daniel, tell us a bit more about yourself and your work as an international realtor, please.

A. I am a licensed real estate salesperson in New York City. I consider myself an international realtor as NYC has such international appeal. No matter where you are coming from, "I love matching my clients' wants and styles with the apartment of their dreams." You can also read my full bio below.

Q. Do you sell to foreigners?

A. Yes, I do sell to foreigners. In my opinion, there are no "foreigners" in NYC, it's just that they haven't arrived here yet. I welcome everyone to NYC. It is the cultural variety in NYC that makes NYC such a great place to live.

Q. What foreign countries' buyers have you helped as an international realtor recently?

A. I had a newly married Russian couple who wanted to move to Long Island that I helped find a home. I have consulted some Asian buyers on both commercial and residential transactions. Currently I am working with two international clients, one from India interested in a condo in NYC, and another from Spain looking for a coop in the Lower East Side.

Q. Do you know foreign languages?

A. English is my native language and I know a little bit of Spanish, but not enough to complete a real estate transaction. 

Q. How do you overcome the language barrier? 

A. My company, Keller Williams NYC Tribeca, has a multitude of translators on staff to assist my international investors, and I work with attorneys that are multi-lingual to help make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Q. Do you advertise abroad?  

A. I do not advertise abroad, but my company, Keller Williams NYC Tribeca, advertises abroad extensively. I have a good internet presence and with being the Real Estate Editor of New York Lifestyles Magazine many people can see that I know more about NYC real estate than most other brokers, so many investors reach out to me because of my knowledge and experience. 

Q. How does your company reach out to foreign buyers? 

A. With 1 in every 4 transactions resulting from a foreign buyer, Keller Williams syndicates all listings to almost 100 international websites. We also syndicate directly to Sou Fun, China’s #1 real estate website.

International Realtor

About Daniel J Bollinger, the International Realtor in NYC

Daniel J Bollinger is a licensed real estate salesperson with years of experience in both residential and commercial real estate. With an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in accounting, and studying Industrial Design at Pratt Institute for his masters', Daniel knows the financial aspects of real estate transactions as well as the design and aesthetic choices that go into choosing the residence of your dreams.

Having lived in Brooklyn for over 20 years Daniel has a pulse on New York City and keeps abreast of the NYC real estate market.

He shares his knowledge of NYC real estate, especially his intimate knowledge of New Developments by being the Real Estate Editor for New York Lifestyles Magazine.

You can also learn more on Daniel Bollinger's Real Estate Blog.   

When Daniel is not in the office you can find him doing one of his favorite things: Travelling the world. Having lived in Belize and the Dominican Republic, Daniel loves to explore the world, experience new cultures and is always up for trying new types of cuisines. Being open to the world certainly helps with the international realtor's business.

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