Real Estate Foreign Buyers: How to Sell to Them
Secrets of Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers

A new manuscript by Olga Kellen

For all realtors, developers and property owners in any country of the world who want to expand their buyers' base

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Here's how the Introduction to the book continues:

"Real Estate Foreign Buyers: How to Sell to Them is the first practical book to summarize all one has to know to successfully market and sell real estate internationally. All you wanted to find out about selling real estate to foreign buyers, but did not have anybody around to ask your questions on the topic, has been collected in this book. It is aimed at the property owners willing to sell their property, realtors and developers, all of whom we will call "sellers" throughout the book.

"Of course, the process begins with finding out how your country laws regulate foreigners buying real estate in your country. Most countries of the world do allow foreigners to own properties one way or the other - as a private person or by registering a local company. In the U.S. there is no difference between an American and foreign person or company in terms of owning real estate in this free country.

"Quite often governments have specific national programs to attract foreign investments, and foreigners may receive residency or citizenship in your country as a result of buying real estate over a definite price or under some other lawful conditions. This is a huge advantage to some foreign buyers and you might very well benefit from it as a real estate seller or realtor as well. In the U.S. a foreign investor in a commercial property can get residency leading to citizenship for the whole family, and if your commercial property for sale in the U.S. meets the EB-5 visa program requirements for foreign investors in dilapidating commercial properties, you are a winner selling to foreigners eager to live in the U.S. and improve your property by investing in it (even while you are losing money with your commercial property and local buyers might not be interested to invest in it at all).

"Such government programs are usually a win-win-win deal: you can sell what does not normally sell for a really good price, foreign investors get the right to live in the country of their dreams, and the properties receive significant upgrades from the investors instead of continuing to dilapidate.

"The next decision you have to make is choosing the foreign country or countries and languages to target with your property marketing to foreigners. Often the presence of foreign real estate buyers in your area is a word of mouth and you know up front exactly in what foreign country or countries you have to market, promote and advertise your property. If you want to research the subject in a more scientific way, you look through your local press and national too for articles on foreign buyers of real estate and you would easily find out that mostly they come from a number of various countries (China, Russia, Brazil, England, Canada, etc.), also there will be information on the latest trends.

"Almost all of the newspapers and magazines have online editions which makes it easy and fast to research the subject. Use Google too, of course, as many sources are only represented online, not in print.

"Based on the information you have gathered and your marketing budget you decide on the country or countries and languages to concentrate with your promotion activities to sell real estate to foreign buyers and sometimes for higher prices than local buyers would agree to pay if any. 

"You are so lucky nowadays to have internet at your disposal to reach anybody in the world with your message - in any country and language you want. This book is all about how to create the marketing roadmap for any property, seller’s situation and marketing budget to effectively sell properties internationally.

"The author, who works as a marketing consultant for those who wish to promote their properties for sale to Russian-speaking buyers all over the world in Russian, feels passionate to share her experience with all real estate sellers and their realtors who are seeking additional possibilities to successfully sell their properties for as much as they can get, for which purpose the buyers' market should be as broad as possible - the whole world, actually, not necessarily only one or the other foreign country. Most of the chapters of the book are practical answers to questions that the author receives daily through her professional website; the questions come from real estate owners, developers and realtors of many countries of the world who want to know how to bring international buyers to their properties.

"A summary: this book will help realtors, developers and owners of properties for sale create the marketing roadmap to effectively market online or offline and sell properties to the buyers all over the world; it is suitable for any property, seller's situation and marketing budget."

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Olga Kellen,
English - Russian Translator,
Associate member of ATA,
American Translators Association

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