How to Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers
Secrets of Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers

A new book by Olga Kellen

For all realtors, developers and property owners in any country of the world who want to expand their buyers' base

The manuscript How to Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers has been completed and now is in the process of searching for the right publishing house.

The book How to Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers is written in small chapters (there are fifty chapters so far), and each chapter deals with a separate issue of marketing and selling real estate to foreign buyers, so it is suitable for those readers who are looking for some answers to their particular questions and also for those who want to plan their real estate international marketing campaign from A to Z.

The covered issues are not only regarding Russian buyers, but also Chinese who are the new wave of real estate buyers in the U.S. and Europe, and how to find any international buyers for your real estate in general.

The book's Introduction will start like this:

"To look for foreign buyers to sell real estate? Why bother? Well, sometimes it would be to sellers' or realtors' significant benefits in terms of possibility to successfully sell properties and often - to sell for more, but in other cases it is even a must - when the local real estate market is weak and local buyers are not active.

"The trend of buying real estate in countries other than one's own exists in the modern world, nobody is capable to discontinue it, and you can use it to your advantage as a private seller of a property, real estate agent or developer and expand your buyers' pool to include the foreign buyers to advance your success in real estate sales. As it happens with any other trends in the world's markets, there are times when your country's properties are very popular among buyers from particular foreign countries, then the trend can change and some other foreign countries' buyers will come. Catch the wave while it occurs!

"You can ask a question, "I have done everything possible to market a property for sale in English as the international language (and in my own country's language, too, if different from English), and any foreign buyer can see my information online if they wish, why should I do anything else?" 

"Yes, this way a foreign buyer may find your property occasionally, but such result is no comparison with the number of the foreign buyers that the proper marketing in foreign countries and languages will bring you, if you are serious about starting to sell to the foreign buyers and really want to be found by them.

"All real estate is local," as the old saying goes, but the buyers are not! In today's internet times one can sell real estate to anybody in the world. For instance, according to the National Association of Realtors (U.S.) the real estate sales in the amount of over $100 B annually are attributed to the foreign buyers in the U.S. only (yes, B is for billions). Other countries also have some impressive numbers of the foreign buyers of their real estate.

"Wouldn’t you as a real estate professional or private property seller want a piece of this large buying market of foreigners?"

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How to Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers

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